with this inside info next week you’ll be glowing but also cursing yourself for not realizing how easy it actually was to get perfect skin sooner!

7 Simple Tricks To Get Perfect Skin In One Week

I never used to be the person who exfoliated, cleansed or even moisturized. It wasn’t even until recently that I actually learned what a toner was for. I was ignorant to the fact that my skin needed care and attention daily. But after trying and failing with so many products a lot of them just ended up collecting dust. And when all of us are racing to get perfect skin, we’ll desperately try anything. But you don’t need elaborate products to do the job, you just need the right ones. And with this inside info next week you’ll be glowing but also cursing yourself for not realizing how easy it actually was to get perfect skin sooner!


#1 – Eat clean

I think everyone knows by now that you are what you eat. And the foods you put into your system can have drastic consequences to your skin. The easiest way to get on the track to perfect skin is by drinking eight ounces of water a day, which will keep your skin hydrated and fresh. In terms of food, try and eat antioxidants, which will give your skin its best chance. Antioxidants are found in most berries, pecan nuts, and even dark chocolate! Yes, you heard it here first, eating dark chocolate is good for your skin!


#2 – Don’t pop… eradicate!

The Ordinary Niacinamide available here

I know it’s tempting to pop a zit and I’m usually so guilty of rushing to the mirror when I feel one. We’ve all been there, panicking and squeezing. But it’s literally one of the biggest sins you can make when it comes to skincare. It only spreads the oil across your face, which turns into MORE spots and no one wants that! Instead, use The Ordinary Niacinamide – it will do the job for you the right way. No more spots, no more scabs and no more freaking out!


#3 – Detoxifying Face Masks

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask available here

Probably one of the most fun ways to get glowing skin! You can sit there with a friend in front of Netflix with a glass of wine in your hand and see your skin worries disappear! Pick a mask that detoxifies your skin, which will work to remove all those tiny impurities that cause your skin most of its problems!


#4 – Picking The Right Moisturizer

Creme De La Mer available here

Moisturizer can be a big culprit in slowing down your skin care game. Picking the wrong one for your skin type can lead to more problems and leaving your skin looking worse than how it started out. So it’s super important to know your skin type before you buy! Avoid putting it under your eyes and don’t put too much on! Looking for the right one? There’s a reason French girls love this brand!


#5 – Stay hydrated

Tatcha The Water Cream available here

We all know how important it is to keep your body hydrated so you must not forget about your skin! It needs the hydration just as much as your body does! The easiest way to do this is by using a hydrating moisturizer that promises long-lasting moisture that stays locked in! And with this cream, you get some added nutrients thrown in too!


#6 – The Aloe hack

You may have tried everything from honey to toothpaste to help clear away spots and attain smooth skin. But the all-rounder Aloe Vera is so good for you and it’s even better when you put it on your face! Leave it on your spots for about an hour and then wash away! Say goodbye to spots and hello to smoother, healthier skin!


#7 – Cleanse properly

FOREO Luna available here.

Do you know that when you cleanse your face you usually only really clear about seventy percent? It may look clean but in reality, there is a lot of residue left embedded into your skin, which isn’t going to do it any favors. I heard about the FOREO from Beth and picked myself one up before my vacation. Seriously, girls, this is life changing. Like a spa in the palm of your hand, it takes the effort out of cleansing (who can be bothered with exfoliating, cleansing, massaging?) and does everything you need it to do!




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